Rhinegold Festival 2023 will take place on:
Thursday 12 October, Friday 13 October and Saturday 14 October in Wageningen.

Ticket sale has started! 


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Rhinegold Festival 2023


Hereby we announce our programme for the upcoming Rhinegold Festival 2023! We will be performing beautiful classical music again on 12, 13 and 14 October in the city centre of Wageningen. Every Evening Concert will take place in the Grote Kerk Wageningen and each evening has its own theme: 

Thursday 12 October 20:00h 'Identical'
Friday 13 October 20:00h 'Contrasts'
Saturday 14 October 20:00h 'Synergy'

Furthermore our Lunchconcert and Wandelconcert will be free of charge. And the cheerful pianoduo Beth & Flo will be returning for the FamilieconcertA new element to our festival this is the Koffieconcert: in collaboration with Columbus, we will be organising a special and intimate concert on the Saturday morning. 

For further details: https://rhinegold.nl/programma/ 


Ticket sales 

The ticket sales for Rhinegold Festival 2023 has started! You can buy tickets for each concert via: https://rhinegold.nl/tickets/ 

This year we introduce a passe-partout for all of our Evening Concerts (excluding Koffieconcert and Familieconcert). If you want to attend all Evening Concerts, then you can buy a passe-partout which will save you some money. Only a limited amount of these tickets are available.


Lunchtime concerts Impulse

During the lunchtime concertseries of Impulse, Campus WUR, we will be giving a sneak preview of Rhinegold Festival 2023:

Tuesday 26 September 12:30h 
Free lunchtime concert with Emma Roijackers (violin), Simon Velthuis (cello) and Michel Xie (piano)

Tuesday 10 October 12:30h
Free lunchtime concert with Charlotte Spruit (violin), Gerbrich Meijer (clarinet) and Michel Xie (piano)



Wij hebben uw hulp hard nodig! We organiseren deze crowdfunding om het laatste stukje van onze begroting te vervolmaken. Door een platform als voordekunst.nl te gebruiken, willen we bovendien ons bekendheid en draagvlak vergroten. De kosten voor het organiseren van een festival zijn niet gering. Naast de gages voor de musici, zijn er ook veel productionele kosten, zoals huurkosten van de locatie, vleugel en podium. Zo kunnen wij een sfeervolle en onvergetelijke tijd voor onze bezoekers creëren! Doneren kan via: https://www.voordekunst.nl/projecten/15967-help-ons-met-rhinegold-festival-2023 


















Classical music?

You might think: Classical music? That’s boring, old-fashioned and not really my thing, right? I beg to differ! During Rhinegold Festival we want to show you that classical music is very much alive. Young musicians show that classical music can boost your energy, that it can be used as an emotional outlet, but it's also something which can calm you down and create a moment of reflection.

You'll experience up-close how these musicians passionately perform on their instruments. Together with the presenter, the musicians will explain the music through examples of images or emotions which can be evoked during listening.

I hope to welcome you at our concerts!

Michel Xie - artistic director

Read more about the musicians of Rhinegold Festival 2023

Read more about the complete programma of Rhinegold Festival 2023















Where will it take place?

Our main location of the festival will be the Grote Kerk in Wageningen. It’s located in the centre of Wageningen and easily accessible. It has been recently renovated and can be made into an atmospherical concert location. We will also be giving concerts in 'Impulse', the cultural meeting place at the Campus of the WUR. During our 'Wandelconcert' we perform short 'pop-up' concerts in the Grote Kerk, bblthk and the historical location of 'Hotel de Wereld'.













Why a festival?

The cultural sector has had many setbacks, like funding cuts and the corona pandemic. The many lockdowns and cancellations has negatively impacted creative artists; many have suffered mentally and financially. With this festival we hope to support these musicians by creating more jobs via concerts and other projects. 














Partners and sponsors 2023

This year we are also working together with several organisations to create Rhinegold Festival 2023 into a beautiful event. We are grateful for their collaboration and their hospitality!

Evert Snel – piano’s en vleugels BV
Columbus koffie/thee/delicatessen
Wing Process Consultancy
Grote Kerk Wageningen
de bblthk
Hotel WICC
Hotel de Wereld













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