Rhinegold Festival 2022 was een groot succes! Lees hier verder voor een artikel in de krant:

We keren volgend jaar terug, dus houd onze website in de gaten of meld je aan voor de nieuwsbrief door ons onderaan deze pagina een berichtje te sturen. We danken iedereen die het festival heeft ondersteund en/of bezocht.

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We are grateful to our sponsors and subsidiaries who have covered a major part of our budget. Through crowdfunding we would like to complete our budget. You can find our crowdfunding page on: www.voordekunst.nl Will you help us out? 🙂

We have made a little videoclip (in Dutch) for our project. Our personal page is found on:


Update 6 oktober: Wauw, we zijn over de helft en staan nu op 42%! Misschien denkt U: “Over de helft? Michel kan niet rekenen!” (dat is misschien ook wel een beetje waar, daarom houd ik het bij pianospelen)

Maar het klopt helemaal! Ik leg het even uit. Provincie Gelderland steunt ons project en gaat de laatste 30% doneren. Dat betekent dat we zelf “maar” 70% hoeven te bereiken om ons doelbedrag te halen.

We zitten dus al over “onze helft van 35%” en dat allemaal dankzij jullie, de donateurs! Volgende week begint het festival, dus we hebben nog heel even! Helpen jullie mee om nog die laatste 28% (kijk, ik kan wel rekenen!) bij elkaar te verzamelen?

Classical music?

 You might think: Classical music? That’s boring, old-fashioned and not my cup of tea, right? I beg to differ! During this festival we want to show you that classical music is very much alive and is being played by young people with lots of passion and fire . They will show you that you can get energy from classical music and put your emotions into it, but also that it’s something which can calm you down and you can have a moment of reflection. 

Like all genres of music, live performances are always more beautiful, more special and it touches the listeners directly. A concert can become a life-time experience .. You’ll face the musicians up close and you can see how they play their instruments.

Enjoy the music that's been chosen by the musicians themselves. They will explain why they love this music so much and where you can listen out for as a listener. The musicians will also give you examples of images or emotions that the music can evoke.

I hope to welcome you at our concerts! 

Michel Xie - artistic director of Rhinegold Festival

Where will it take place?

The main location of the festival will be the Grote Kerk in Wageningen. The church stands in the middle of the Markt and is therefore a suitable place for the festival since it’s located in the centre of Wageningen. It has been renovated recently and can be made into an atmospherical concert location. We also have two other locations. During our 'Wandelconcert' on Saturday afternoon October 15, there will be short concerts in the 'BBLTHK' and the historical location of 'Hotel de Wereld'

Some interesting facts about our musicians! These musicians are already playing in professional orchestras such as the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Radio Philharmonic Orchestra, Metropole Orchestra and Phion. They are winners and laureates of major competitions such as the Oskar Back Violin Competition, Dutch Classical Talent and Classic Young Masters. programma zie je wanneer zij zullen optreden!

Why a festival?

 During the pandemic the cultural sector was suffering a lot. Because of the many lockdowns and cancellations. This made a huge negative impact on artists. Many have suffered mentally and financially. With this festival we hope to support these musicians by creating work. But also to (re)-connect with the audience. Since we believe that the world currently needs more connection and sympathy with each other.

Who am I?

I grew up in Wageningen as a child. After high school, I moved to Amsterdam to study classical piano at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. Afterwards I still had the feeling I could learn more and a dream of mine was to move abroad.

That's why I moved to London and I decided to specialise in chamber music. I continued studying at the Royal Academy of Music in the department of 'Piano Accompaniment'. The pandemic started halfway during my studies. I have seen up-close how it has affected my colleagues and how the arts and cultural sector was treated. 

As of September 2021 I'm back in the Netherlands and I wanted to contribute something to the musical life here. When I moved back to my home town Wageningen, I noticed that the Grote Kerk has been completely renovated and therefore an excellent location for concerts. I hope to be able to offer a wide variety of classical music to the city.



We are grateful for our sponsors. Without them there wouldn't be a Rhinegold Festival. We thank them for their support!

Dioraphte Fonds
Gemeente Wageningen
Gravin van Bylandt Stichting
Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Gelderland
Simon en Theresia Cultuurfonds

Partners en sponsoren

We are also working together with several companies and organisations. We thank them for the collaboration and hospitality.

BBLTHK  Wageningen
Evert Snel Piano’s en Vleugels
Hotel de Wereld
Hotel WICC


Sponsors via voordekunst

Via onze crowdfundingcampagne kunnen organisaties en bedrijven ons steunen en daarmee een speciale sponsor worden van het festival.

Wij danken daarom:

AB klarinet atelier: onderhoud en reparatie van klarinetten

Tafelronde 66 Wageningen

Tafelronde 92 Veenendaal 

Provincie Gelderland

Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds – Leve het geven

Nieuwe fondsen en partners

Wij zijn erg blij dat deze fondsen en partners ons nog het laatste steuntje in de rug hebben kunnen geven om een mooie eerste editie van Rhinegold Festival waar te maken.

Veel dank aan:

Stichting Ondernemersfonds Wageningen
Sena Fonds
Columbus koffie/thee/delicatessen

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De stichting Klassiek in Wageningen is op 15 februari 2022 opgericht. Wij zijn per 22 maart 2022 aangemerkt als culturele ANBI waardoor u 1,25 keer het bedrag van de gift mag aftrekken in de aangifte inkomstenbelasting.

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